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From Soul To Stave


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Sunday 3 Wk 16:00 17:00
Wednesday 3 WK 22:00 23:00
Sunday 4WK 16:00 17:00
Sunday 2WK 22:00 23:00
Sunday 1 wk 16:00 17:00


Sibylion is a Trance and Progressive music project created in 2021 by Giuseppe Giuffrida, an Italian dj/producer born in 1989 nearby to Mount Etna in Sicily.

Since the 90s golden age, he was preferring vinyls and cassettes to cartoons and very soon, he had the chance discover the magic melodies of Progressive and Dream music during the Italian boom for these genres (1996/1997).
Marino Stephano, Robert Miles, Nu-NRG are just three of the names that inspired his musical youth and thanks also to the Italian radio station "Radio Italia Network" and its radio shows from Tony H and Lady Helena, he soon fell in love with Trance music.

The first steps of Sibylion project have been focused on his radio show, named From Soul To Stave, expressing the pure concept of Trance music: feelings that come from soul and fill an empty stave with countless harmonies. Illogic radio is pleased to host this radioshow on a by-weekly schedule on Suday at 4pm CET/CEST.

With the same concept, Sibylion released in July 2022 his first single on High Emotions recordings (you can watch the video here: and now he is ready to carry this on, for his next music releases and much much more. Don't miss anything out, follow and subscribe Sibylion on his socials!


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