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The S.ound O.f D.reamcatcher

Poeta Gribiz

Programmato il

Sunday 3 Wk 21:00 22:00
Sunday 4WK 21:00 22:00
Sunday 2WK 21:00 22:00
Sunday 1 wk 21:00 22:00

Poeta Gribiz

The S.OUND O.F D. REAMCATCHER returns this season exclusively every Thursday on ILLOGICRADIO, hosted and directed by Poeta Gribiz. Every Thursday the news from the world of electronic music selected by our editorial staff, the three coolest tracks of the week, the best track of the week and our mix area with s o.d. mix. Once a month in the TECHNOLOGIC DREAM mix area the best techno tracks of the moment mixed and selected by @Sandromeister Dj . From time to time in the mix area Special international guests with their half hour guest mix.


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